Day: October 21, 2006

I wonder what she would have done with hard of hearing students, or deaf students?

UK teacher loses veil discrimination case…

Seriously, this is always my question with stuff like this, how it would relate to me? I’ve had to ask professors to trim their mustaches, to open their mouths more when they spoke, along with using tape recorders and comparing notes with other students. It was annoying. It’s hard enough to have to sit down with everyone else’s notes, to make sure I don’t miss things that cost me a grade (as in one of my classes, and I’m still sure the prof made it up just to give me a C), but to have to sit there, during class, trying to focus on what’s being said, and then having the back of my mind running because I’m not sure what the prof said because the lips aren’t backing up what I’m hearing, and then asking for a repeat and still having the same problem. That woman’s class would have been hell for me. If I couldn’t handle a simple unkempt mustache, how the hell could I handle a veil that blocked every chance of seeing anything she said?