Day: October 19, 2006

whatizit?!? Well…..been busy. I give thanks to my dear Scotsman for turning on my lights this morning and kicking my ass out of the house to go lift weights. I spoke with one of my grappling partners about working with me on my stand-up and putting the whole thing together, so once I have my schedule set this week, I’ll be able to fit that in. Work has been all out this week. My boss is out sick with pneumonia, so I’m covering for her and so far, that’s meant full schedules again. I hope she heals quick, because I won’t be able to train and do full schedules at the same time.

If I haven’t posted it here, I’ve decided to go sky-diving for my birthday. I keep meaning to call and find out how much the freefall cert is, but I keep forgetting. So that is on slate for Monday, along with making vet appt’s for the terrors. Also need to run by the Goethe Institüt to see when their conversation hours are, or maybe show up for tourist hour so I can at least speak and hear German. When I can speak French better than I can speak German, there’s a problem. Besides, I need to get back into languages, the goal is to learn Finnish and some Danish by this summer, so I won’t get too lost while over there.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me right now. Hoping that I’ll get some more down time so I can write some more, got tons of stuff in my head and need to pop it out on paper, or something.