So, today I had BJJ training, then to work. Well, after my workout, I was requested to come back tonight because they had a female guest coming in for her first BJJ class and they wanted to ease her in. On top of that, the evening class tonight is Fight Team training so the entire team is there. Not everyone can be as psycho as me and think rolling with those guys would be awesome, especially for a first class. But, she didn’t show, so I’m home now. Honestly, I felt so at home running back to the gym and was ready to roll. I can’t wait to build myself into a morning kickboxing class, 3 hours, then back to the gym for BJJ, then to work. Seriously, I’m psyched for it and bouncing around at the idea of it. I can’t wait to find a new job that will allow for me to be in the gym about 2 sessions a day. Gonna start getting off early on Tuesdays, so guess where I’ll be? BOXING CLASS!!!!! 😀


  1. Wow thats awesome Lara! I know I have a long way before I will feel comfortable enough, but I want to get into a martial art too. I am psyched about the idea of it. I am psyched for you too! You are gonna be a busy woman!


  2. Not only busy but probably one of the baddest bitches on the planet. LOL I really am going to have to find a trainer just so I can keep up with you! *hugs*


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