My cat is slowly working towards his trip across the veil. Thankfully, he missed my USMC sweatshirt and just hit my new BDUs, and hopefully the money in the pocket will survive the hot water on the washing machine. Granted, this is what I get for not having new litter on hand when I should, but I can’t say I appreciate his new love of floors, vs the previous love of sinks and bathtubs.

In other news, I’ve decided that I need to record my readings of my poems for my site. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a good while, but didn’t have the software and equipment to do it. Now, I think I can swing it, and I definitely have the desire. Mainly, because my voice still has a slight rasp to it (when I’m not doing a sudden phone post), and I really want to get the couple of erotica poems I have recorded before my throat is fully healed. *sigh* So much that I want right now, that’s my problem in getting things done, prioritizing. When it rains, it pours, right? Gah!

Anyway, more implements of weekend torture to arrive tonight. AFB has been kind enough to loan me a few things, *eg* I’m giddy about that stuff, because it will allow for much fun. Even get to sit down and add things to my toy list.

*fun squeak* You all know what it sounds like now.

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