For the rest of my day…

After I got back from lunch, we had more fun that was customers. Had the “I’m going to act like I’m arrogant with a pentacle the size of a VW hood ornament” book-read CM show up (I got the whiff that he was book-read CM, along the same lines as book-read Gardnerian Wiccan) wanting to look at some of our swords. I was trying very hard not to laugh. Of course, he couldn’t stop there, had to come back for seconds, later. Then, the creme de la creme came in. Gods, I fear for my own future and hope I can rely on my grandchildren to take care of this country. Two kids, yes black, show up, wanting dog tags. So I hand them the form, AFB comes up to stamp them out, when they wasted 10 minutes of his time filling them out, we finally get a chance to see what they put. Seems they had an “Empire” thing going. We didn’t ask. They got one tag with a bunch of b.s. on it, like their name and what city/state they were from, and then the other said, “Guns don’t kill people, I do.” and “Every man picks its own path, eventually.” Now, in the latter one, he was trying to do an anacronym, looked pretty damned stupid and AFB commented to me, “See, this is why I don’t get the black chicks around here. They go for crap like that, and leave guys like me on the sideline.” To which I replied, “And then you start dating a white girl, and they bitch about her stealing their men. He agreed, then went on to say that he and his mum have always been accused of “being white” because they’re educated and act like it, and if that is the alternative, he’d rather just bleach his skin and get it over with. Pity the state of our existence when a group allows a stereotype to perpetuate to the point of making ignorance a virtue. Thankfully, I work with enough minorities to know that this is not 100%. Too bad they’re all my age and aren’t planning on having children. It might stave off the trend.

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