telala_78 (07:27:51PM): hi
telala_78 (07:27:55PM): babe
(07:28:07PM): u remmber
(07:28:09PM): me
(07:28:25PM): iam from egypt
Freak Kitty (07:28:46PM): which person from egypt?
telala_78 (07:28:56PM): ahmed
(07:29:24PM): that i tallk u from  tito_30000
(07:29:38PM): u remmeber me
Freak Kitty (07:30:03PM): yeah, talked the other day
telala_78 (07:30:16PM): k
(07:30:24PM): i  miss u
(07:30:31PM): sweety
Freak Kitty (07:30:42PM): ok.  why did you miss me?
telala_78 (07:31:02PM): becuse ilike u
Freak Kitty (07:31:30PM): ok.
telala_78 (07:31:52PM): h are u?
Freak Kitty (07:32:26PM): i’m good.
telala_78 (07:32:31PM): k
(07:33:13PM): u have cam
Freak Kitty (07:33:21PM): no
telala_78 (07:33:37PM): k
(07:33:57PM): i study
Freak Kitty (07:34:02PM): alright
telala_78 (07:34:50PM): i will come usa after year   and half
Freak Kitty (07:35:03PM): that’s cool
telala_78 (07:35:16PM): after  finish my callage
(07:35:38PM): iam in last year
Freak Kitty (07:35:41PM): going to study here, or try to emigrate?
telala_78 (07:36:21PM): go to marride and work there
(07:36:34PM): iam study accounting
(07:37:23PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (07:38:01PM): what do you mean by “go to marride”?
telala_78 (07:38:54PM): marrid
(07:39:50PM): marrige
Freak Kitty (07:40:10PM): ahhh.  ok
telala_78 (07:40:42PM): i want girl  for that
(07:40:51PM): can u help me
Freak Kitty (07:40:55PM): well, over here, that’s the only way you can get married
(07:41:21PM): not really.
telala_78 (07:41:33PM): u sure
Freak Kitty (07:41:45PM): yes.  none of my friends would be up for that.
telala_78 (07:42:06PM): k
(07:42:19PM): can  we be frined
(07:43:10PM): becuse when i come there i want frined
Freak Kitty (07:43:19PM): where are you looking to move?
telala_78 (07:43:40PM): where?
Freak Kitty (07:43:52PM): in the us.  it’s a big country
telala_78 (07:44:09PM): where?
(07:46:28PM): do u like sex
Freak Kitty (07:47:28PM): in the united states.  where are you looking to move?
telala_78 (07:48:06PM): k
(07:48:15PM): i want see u there
Freak Kitty (07:48:23PM): ok.
telala_78 (07:48:46PM): where u live?
Freak Kitty (07:48:58PM): in georgia
telala_78 (07:49:08PM): k
(07:49:25PM): i will be in new york
Freak Kitty (07:49:35PM): that’s cool.
telala_78 (07:49:47PM): ok
(07:50:01PM): we can make any thing
Freak Kitty (07:50:31PM): your company?
telala_78 (07:50:55PM): yeah
Freak Kitty (07:51:01PM): that’s cool.
telala_78 (07:51:37PM): k
(07:53:06PM): where u go
(07:56:11PM): we can work to gither
(07:56:15PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (07:56:32PM): i had a phone call
(07:57:04PM): work on what?
telala_78 (07:57:26PM): trade
Freak Kitty (07:57:40PM): trade what?
telala_78 (07:58:15PM): dragse
(07:58:30PM): Buzz!!
Freak Kitty (07:58:39PM): dragse?
telala_78 (07:58:53PM): Buzz!!
(07:59:03PM): ak
(07:59:12PM): fuck girl
Freak Kitty (07:59:30PM): what?
telala_78 (08:00:24PM): u knew u r sweety and beuty and iam wanting u u u
Freak Kitty (08:00:42PM): ok, so?
telala_78 (08:01:31PM): when i come there i will make u hape so hape
Freak Kitty (08:01:39PM): i’m already happy
telala_78 (08:02:25PM): this pic in profile for u realy
Freak Kitty (08:02:36PM): yes, that’s me
telala_78 (08:03:14PM): u knew   i like ur boody
(08:03:22PM): and face
Freak Kitty (08:03:23PM): thanks
telala_78 (08:03:34PM): ur tit
Freak Kitty (08:03:56PM): ummmm, ok
telala_78 (08:04:36PM): ican welcome with u egypt
Freak Kitty (08:04:46PM): huh?
telala_78 (08:05:21PM): iam very hoooooooot
Freak Kitty (08:05:31PM): i’ll take your word for it
telala_78 (08:05:50PM): what u mean?
Freak Kitty (08:06:02PM): i’ll take you at your word that you are  hot
telala_78 (08:06:38PM): how?
Freak Kitty (08:06:50PM): you said that you’re hot, i’ll believe that you are
telala_78 (08:07:37PM): iam hot from u
Freak Kitty (08:08:06PM): ok.  i understand that.  you’re not the only one.
telala_78 (08:09:01PM): u knew when isee u iwill fuck u sooooo  good for 4 time
Freak Kitty (08:09:59PM): only if i allow you to.  i don’t know you, and i’m pretty particular on who i allow to touch me.
telala_78 (08:11:17PM): can i touch u
Freak Kitty (08:11:48PM): you’re on the other side of the world from where i’m at, that’s going to be a bit difficult
telala_78 (08:12:25PM): can u come ?
Freak Kitty (08:12:31PM): where?
telala_78 (08:12:44PM): i alex
Freak Kitty (08:12:57PM): no.  and definitely not now
telala_78 (08:13:12PM): when
Freak Kitty (08:13:38PM): i’m not planning on going over there
telala_78 (08:13:57PM): why
Freak Kitty (08:14:20PM): because, it’s not a place i have an interest in going right now
telala_78 (08:14:57PM): can i make sex with u
Freak Kitty (08:15:08PM): no.
telala_78 (08:15:21PM): why
Freak Kitty (08:16:18PM): because, i don’t know you.  and i don’t believe in screwing around with people i don’t know
telala_78 (08:17:18PM): when u need im still and i have big dick
Freak Kitty (08:17:34PM): that’s nice.  but, sorry, i’m not that shallow
telala_78 (08:17:53PM): why
(08:18:43PM): Buzz!!
(08:19:35PM): bywe


    1. the amusement is the only reason why i even bother with letting them continue in talking! *giggles* i think i’ll have plenty of good ones, till he realizes i’m posting them in my journal.


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