Ok, now for a real update….

This day was built on crack. Seriously. My only downtime was during lunch, and the end of the day before leaving. Coffee didn’t do it, and I might as well have forgotten to eat. Oh yeah, Frank showed up, again. I can’t recall if I’ve explained him, or not, so let me
Seems he came into the store about 3 years ago, but he wasn’t worth remembering. I was helping out a customer in our European section, back when I was a floor wench, because I know my European military crap. In all my years as a model, I perfected my ability to sit completely still and become invisible. I was doing this in that section, dressed in my black wife-beater, brit dpm shorts, and steeltoe para boots, against a table. Apparently, he saw me and thought I was a manaquin, but a very beautiful one, that he fell in love with (yeah, that was a giant red light in my head). Anyway, he showed back up in the store over the summer, looking for his manaquin girl. Thankfully, I had just left for lunch when he was asking for my schedule or my phone number. I wasn’t so lucky the next week, when he caught me at a slow point. Fortunately, WT was there to cover for me as I ran for the back stockroom, after informing the guy I’ve been married for 3 years, while he was overly shaking my hand. So, as he’s waiting around for me, WT lets him know that I’ve been experiencing bouts of morning sickness. He goes in search of something else, so I high-tail it to the office, and watch the camera to find out when he leaves. Doesn’t work. The guy stands around for about 20 minutes, or so, waiting for me to come out. And when he does leave, he cries out (and I do mean cries, in the howling dog sense) “Goodbye Lara. Wherever you are!” The owner was amused.

. I bailed to the back stockroom again, thankfully SL was willing to cover for me, as he is well aware of our “boyfriends” that show up (yes, his are male, too). I did get to play with a couple of Marines, which was cool. But then the last-minute shopper mode kicked in. And talk about some rude fucking people! My gods! Yelling this way and that way about how our store policies are unfair and that we should change them, just for them. Please, least we’re kind enough to let you know ahead of time. Then, it started raining. 75 was shut down, in every direction I had to get home, so I took the long route. Took me 1 hour and 20 minutes, of course, 10 of those minutes was waiting on a bastard who felt like looking and looking at stuff, holding us in our store, then walking out saying he’d come back tomorrow to buy something. Yeah, right. Oh yeah, WT got Thunderbirds, so another movie night next week *grin*. And the second best thing was checking email, and having a lovely picture of a wonderful and fine specimen of governmental property.

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