Ok, so yesterday was, um, interesting. To give the background…WT has this cute little EMT that has been flirting him up, and vice versa. She came in on Wednesday, 3 times, and the last time was to wait for him to show up. He finally gets there and she’s all happy giggly again (she squeaked when MM mentioned him the first time she came in). So they’re off collecting stuff for her, and WB and I are standing at the register and this conversation follows:

WB: So, do you think he has a chance with her?
ME: Yes.
WB: I don’t think he should call her.
ME: Why not?
WB: Something that was said.

Now, given the number of times she’s gone sour on any interest he has, I’m starting to fume. I love WT and think that any girl who shuns his attentions is an idiot, even if the interest is only in friendship. There’s also the issue of her projecting on to other people. It didn’t surprise me that she said this, but it did irritate me when it was quite obvious this girl was interested in him. Anyway, onto Thursday night…WT and I were waiting for food, and sitting around chatting it up, apparently WB said something to him that got his goat, so I mentioned what she said to me, verbatim. Pissed him off, because it’s the second time she’s done this. The next day, she brings up the topic of his EMT and he mentions his interpretation. She blows up asking what I said. He repeats, verbatim, and she proceeds to say that I was the one that asked the question and she gave a nod in the positive. Now, yesterday….She’s pissy when she walks in, completely ignores my “Good Morning” and sits and fumes for a while. She chooses to walk up to us (WT and I) while I’m on the phone with a customer, so of course I don’t hear her. WT repeats what she said, and we laugh. Why? Because she is placing the blame on me and not admitting to what she said. At lunch, she comes in and blows up at me, saying how low and egotistical I am, and how stupid I am for repeating what she said and lying about what she said, not listening to what I was trying to say. I ask her if she wants me to quote what she said, and she walks out and slams the door. SL tells her to stop yelling, and we can take it outside, but not inside around customers. Fair enough, he comes in and tells me the same, I say cool. Surprising, eh? Even I was amazed that I didn’t stand up and directly confront her. Anyway, so the rest of the day, I treat her like nothing even happened, pissed her off even more. So she’s accusing me of trying to start crap because I’m leaving, and me saying, WTF. Not starting anything, wasn’t even expecting WT to even say anything to her. But seriously, I fess up to the shit I say about people behind their backs when it gets back to them, and all she could do was turn it around and say I was the one saying it. Honestly, she knows that neither WT or I like her, and whatever she says about one of us will get back to the other. Even our latest additions of co-workers commented how they knew I would never ask a question like that, especially given that I was going to get her number for him if he wasn’t able to make it in. Hell, the question itself was a statement in the negative. Bitch…

In other news…
the _gothfather_, threw a wonderful Christmas/Holiday party last night. Thoroughly enjoyed by all, including my Scotsman and I. Very well done.

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