This is why I love work….

Me: “Chief, WB and I figured out what to do with solicitors that call.”
BM: “Really? What’s that?”
Me: “Put them ‘on hold while playing Napalm Death.”
BM: “Ok, sounds good!”
Me: “Coul you pick up line 1 to check the volume?”

With that said, he was kind enough to turn the satellite to the metal station and suffered through Pantera until the end of the song.


  1. Today’s definitely a day for playing Pantera. Poor Darrel.

    In related info, my grandmother had an awesome way to deal with telemarketers. She left most of the bills in my grandfather’s name after he passed away so the calls come in asking for him. She’ll politely explain that he no longer lives there and gives them his “new” address and his “new” phone number. *snicker* Meaning the addy for the cemetary he’s buried in, his plot number for the appartment number, and the caretaker’s house for his home phone. Okay, so it won’t work for a business, but it was related and damn funny. imho


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