What amuses me? Being so lazy that I don’t cook unless it comes out of a can (I haven’t domesticated from my bachelor days), but when I do actually put effort into something, I do decently. My Scotsman, Mr. Always Ready for Anything, failed to pick up sauce with the ravioli he grabbed last night. So the resourceful little kitty here, managed to make a lovely butter parmesan sauce to go with it. Yeah, it’s simple, but hey, I didn’t have time to actually make the ravioli, this time. Need to do that some day.

And yes, this goes along with the conversation he had with my mum:
S: “Mum, you need to teach her how to dead head a rosebush today.”
M: “What makes you think she doesn’t know how to do it already?”
S: “She never does it.”
M: “She usually knows how to do things, she just doesn’t do them.”

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