why does some news have to tear me down? and why the fuck do i put so much emotion into it? maybe i harbour too much hope for my friends to actually make intelligent decisions about their lives. oh well.


  1. ((((((((((((((((((********** ***********))))))))))))))

    Hey girlie..

    Not to sure, what is going on.. but you know, if you ever need someone.. I am right here, for ya.

    I dont think you harbor too much emotion.. thats just how love is. If you love someone, its hard to watch them continous have themselves kicked in the ass.. especially when they dont want to get hurt again, in the first place.

    The only redeming thought I can think of.. is sooner or later.. they will either, pull their head above water again.. since hardly anything last forever, or they will continue to let themselves be walked on.. until the other either walks away, or something happens to force them into action.


    Hugs & kisses.
    Hope you and the Scottie, are doin well!!



    1. mainly it’s them kicking themselves in the ass…but the gist of the situation, a ‘close’ friend of mine married someone i, and many other people, don’t approve of. to top it off, this person did it for all the wrong reasons.


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