Month: March 2002

Ok, for this weekend, the great Gov’nuh of Georgia has declared a “tax exempt” holiday. Now, many people think this is a good idea but let me let you in on a few things…It doesn’t stimulate anything! I got my list of exempt and non-exempt things yesterday (I work in retail), and almost everything I sell in the store I work is all non-exempt stuff. Not to mention the fact that the only way anyone saves any money is if they buy things in a city with a high sales tax, and buys lots of stuff.

In other news: I’m slowly starting to realize how much I really need to spend time with the Moonbird. Seems something has been going on, and I haven’t been able to be there for her. Thankfully, she has a great support group that has been able to be there for her. I also hate the fact that I work too much, it would be so nice if I could only work 8-8.5 hours a day instead of the 9.5 hours I currently work. So, needless to say, I will be much happier when I’m in school and can take the time in the evening to spend it where I need to, with the people who need it.

In world news: This morning I was watching CNN, only to find out the latest de-development in the Middle East. Very tragic, yet at the same time, very educational (hopefully for the government). Israel is focusing on Arafat and the Palestinian Authority was claiming Sharon was trying to assassinate Arafat. What problem is there? All because he announced the plan for an unconditional cease-fire, but it didn’t happen overnight. Now, no offense, but, even God didn’t finish things up in one day; he took a whole bloody week, with one day off. *Sigh* People are so impatient, and no, I’m not an anti-Semite (Palestinian’s are Semites too, look it up). In actuality, I don’t think either of them are all that hot right now. Of course, I don’t think Israel is being all that intelligent when the whole of the Arab world is willing to acknowledge they exist if they would retreat back to their original borders and quit attacking Arab nations. But hey, no one said anyone was intelligent, at least, I haven’t said that yet.

Well, I have tons of bills to finish paying off and some insurance to cancel (the accident did not make me think too highly of my insurance company). I also have to send off my first tuition payment to school within the next couple of days, so I think I’m going to sit down and send all my bills off at the same time and cancel them all at the same time to make sure that all is paid for. Other than that, things are good. The parents come into town in a couple weeks to help me get settled (which will be nice since I’ll only have one day to get everything put in). Right now I’m debating on French food, or waiting to hear from my Scotsman to see if he wants to do anything tonight. I’ll probably sit down with my bills while at the Cafe, it’s a nice place to do stuff like that and eat good food.

Things are fun. Finally got to see all the fun stuff my Scotsman got *eg* and no, I can’t describe them here. In other news, the move date is in two weeks, and I’m completely excited. My photo date with the Moonbird is eventually going to be discussed when I can meet her for tea. She’s excited about it too, I’m going to be one of her pixie’s. I guess she was talking with someone in regards to the shoot and it has been determined that I am the clue fairy *eg*. I asked her if I could use a “Cluex4” in the shoot. Made her giggle. Also, one more month till I get my fairy ear rings. *excited* And another thing, one more month till Montreal!!!!!!!!! Of course, that means only one more month to save up for shopping while I’m there. Alright, there’s my life update for now. I have nothing interesting to talk about so I’ll leave you with this pathetic bit.

The other day, I woke to an interesting discussion on NPR’s Breath of Fresh Air. Seems a girl from Oklahoma is suing her school for a violation of privacy. Basically, what they’re doing, is requiring drug testing from everyone who participates in competitive extra-curricular activities, including band, choir, academic decathlon, etc. Drug testing, it’s not just for atheletes and corporate employees any more. At any rate, they ran a comment from a mother that showed up on the Supreme Court steps who was waving a picture of her daughter saying, “If her school had mandatory drug testing, she’d still be alive today.” Ok, now here’s my rant…she’s the mother, she should have been the one who might have been requiring the drug testing if she thought there was a drug problem. She’s the mother who should have been talking to her daughter about drugs and helping her find info on how drugs interact with the body and what the long-term consequences could have been (obviously the girl knows that she could die as a result, now). On that note, I really want to know what is up with this new trend in not parenting? My mum says this is the result of hippies growing up and mixing with the baby boomers who weren’t hippies and resulting in parents who ‘want to be friends’ with their kids instead of being the evil parent who actually looks out for their kids. Not to mention, since when has it become the role of the school parenting kids? Schools already have drug education in their schools, they have sex ed in their schools (at least some of them, and fewer that are realistic), and numerous other things that parents should be teaching their kids at home in greater depth. Call me odd, but I believe in teaching kids about sex and drugs as early as they can possibly understand the basic components of the topic. So basically, I’d love to slap this woman. Not because she was stupid enough to not fully parent her kid, but because she’s in denial about her own role and blaming the kid’s death on the fact the school didn’t drug test her daughter as a requirement for attending school. Sheesh, it’s absolutely pathetic.

Today was slightly strange. Not only did I end up helping people that I absolutely clicked with, but I also ended up seeing several people I haven’t heard from in a while. It was quite nice, even though the feet hurt. Last night was cool too. Went to a party with my Scotsman at a co-worker’s house in the Green Monster. I was able to actually talk with several people and be somewhat social, but still, I don’t know what it is with me around lots of people with lots of alcohol in their hands. It just makes me nervous. Who knows. Anyway, once at his house, I promptly burned my hand on the exhaust cover. It’s only a slight 1st degree, but damn it hurt like a bitch. But hey, it got me babied. Ended up having my hair washed by him and lots of other stuff that you people don’t need to know about .*eg* At any rate, the computer stuff is slowly being resolved, and I do mean slowly. The voice in the back of my mind is slowly disappearing, or at least getting quieter. Things seem to be looking good with everything so far. Hell, I have new clothes on the way….again!

Well, the official verdict is that I’m going to have to drop Bellsouth as my ISP. In other news, there was a 100 car pile-up today on the main highway through north georgia, killed at least 10 people. Went to the inaugural night of my friend’s promotion at the Chamber. Small group, but it was easy going and a good break from the normal visits to that local. Got to talk to David today. Needless to say, I’m slightly disappointed, but hey, it’s not my life, it’s his. I don’t agree with his choice on the person he’s involved with, but he knows what to expect and is willing to work within those expectations. I did suggest he go in for regular STD testing though, hopefully he’ll take that advice. As for me, I’m doing quite well. Though, I’m starting to pull the end of the dark year bullshit I usually pull every year. I have to start re-evaluating myself because I seem to be complaining too much (but that’s normal *eg*) about other people. Maybe I’m just going through a stress phase, with the bills, the damn ISP, the move, etc., but I’m still acting like a whiny brat, IMO. I’ve still got leftover thoughts in the back of my head from late last year, even though the indications say I shouldn’t worry. Hell, he bought me a new computer. As the Moonbird says, if that’s not a show of committment, what is? Which is true. I get new clothes all the time, I’m not used to being spoiled like this and I’m really not sure what to make of it. Maybe that’s just because I’m so used to working on a tight budget, real or otherwise, that I never bothered to splurge outside of piercings and tattoos. Which, I’m getting two new piercings (ears) and a couple new tattoos when I can afford them. But, alas, things are strange. I have someone who wants to spoil me with everything, including orgasms, and I have no clue what to make of it. Am I seriously worth this much? I never thought so, then again, that’s what happens when you’re secretly a humble person in knowledge of everything else in the world.

I had an interesting thing to say today. I can’t remember what it was, but it was an interesting, possibly thought provoking one-liner. Sheesh, I’m starting to feel mentally pathetic. Those lovely days when I could come up with odd-ball queries to myself at the drop of a pin, I hate mindless work.

Though, I think my little thought passage on the Smurfs was interesting. The concept, that some cartoon could have religious undertones was beyond me, especially when they weren’t Christian undertones. Never figured an old cartoon to have pagany-type theories.

I don’t miss AOL, so I’m saying I’m sorry early to all my AOL friends. But really, I don’t miss it and I’m much happier without it. Less stupidity in my life. I have to agree with my friend Jacob, AAW is mindless chatter where everyone lets out steam by targeting the poor mindless freaks that show up on the doorstep begging to be tortured to death. And honestly, I don’t mind the fact that I no longer have to hear about morons I don’t like from anyone until myself.

I finished reading The Druid Source Book, found it pretty interesting, yet somehow missing stuff. Given that Irish Druidry is the best kept religion through the ages, they found few articles to add to that book in regards to it. But it was a much better read than The Bardic Source Book, which is mainly Welsh stuff. Nice, in theory, but unfortunately the Irish Sea brings a broad difference in religion and poetry. *shrugs*

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, a clean office. That was my morning after I hauled my ass out of bed and drove back home. I meant to stop by and reserve a storage closet, but it was then that I realized I left my wallet somewhere. So, I drove back to my Scotsman’s house, wasn’t there, so I drove home and there it was sitting on the dining room table. Go fig. But, I do have the reservation, Internet shopping is a wonderful thing and I actually get stuff done while shopping (like cleaning the cat hair out of my office, along with the styrofoam popcorn that the kittens played with when I brought it home). But, I got to play with my boots last night, gonna have to send them back for a smaller size and once I get them, we have to alter the heel so I can have some chance of not breaking my ankle too badly while walking in them. Otherwise, they rock! I absolutely love them. Last night I was content to just lay on the couch in my PJ’s with them on while watching tv. *grin* Which brings me to another thing….
Has anyone realized that the Smurfs believe in some sort of afterlife? I was watching them this morning while eating breakfast and the episode they had one was the one where Grouchy and Jokey disappeared with the hag in the woods. Papa Smurf gave them up for dead and the hag let them watch the ‘funeral’ through her crystal shard. It was quite interesting because they are more nature oriented than anything else (Judeo/Christian/Islamic contrast with Pagans anyone?). The funeral consisted of throwing two flowers into a river from one of their bridges with a eulogy that spoke of life being like a river and constantly moving and changing. And with that moving and changing comes the change of life into death. I found it quite interesting, though, the concept of the Smurfs are interesting anyway. They live in mushrooms, within a city that disappears, there’s only one female, and all the other characters have names from Judeo/Christian mythos/histories.

On my way over to my Scotsman’s house last night, for some odd reason a question my co-worker asked me the other day kept coming to mind. “Why do you two not live together, you spend enough time over there?” Well, my usual answer that doesn’t include details and usually shuts people up is that neither of us has room for the other. yet. It works, makses sense and is usually a good enough answer for them. There’s more though, least on my end. I’m actually quite happy at the fact that out of the 3 relationships over the last 4 years, I’m in one and still living on my own (for once). Neither of us actually does have room for the other, and the major one on my end: I want to make sure this is going to last before I put myself in that situation again. Especially with nagging thoughts of a Christmastime conversation still lurking in the back of my head. Oh well, we’ll see….time to nap before going to work.