Day: April 25, 2002

Well, school starts in exactly two weeks. Reminder, must call the grove tomorrow night for ritual next week. Other than that, things are going well. The 3 terrors are settling into the new flat quite nicely and now it is somewhat networked (thanks to my Scotsman, who wants to walk all over my house with his computer). Also, heard a few fab ideas from the moonbird about the photo shoot we’re eventually going to do, loved them, the Scotsman loved them, and I can’t wait to make them real. My mum apologized the other day for making me feel like shit (not sure if I actually mentioned that or not) and I’m not talking to the ex-fiance, though, I haven’t informed him of this fact yet. Then again, what else can he expect he pulls the shit he pulled (this is the fiance I moved here for, for you historically impaired *eg*). At any rate, not much in the realm of thought-provoking, ponderous things to speak of today. Can’t say I’ve been very contemplative lately, and when I have, I don’t have paper near me, much less a computer.