The Merry-go-round…

Talked to the detective today. She seems pretty cool, even though she admits she can't make the life/lives of the person(s) who stole the stuff off my car miserable. I'm staying fairly positive, because when it started the only thing I could do was laugh. Not the funny ha-ha kind, but the "OMG, this is so absurd, really?" The insurance nightmare that I thought would ensue has been abated, they're paying the entire bill minus my deductible.

Though, the awesome…went to a dinner party at my friend's house. It was nice and small and wonderful. Not too taxing on my social withdrawal needs, but good for my being social factor. I have 4 gymnstics classes that I'm teaching. Start Wednesday, hoping this positivity will over-flow into my business for the year. Need to quit slacking on the yoga. But all this other stuff has been pulling me away from that focus. I have been meditating, so that's good. It's steps in the right direction. But I readily admit, I was a total slacker today. Didn't need to go to work, so I hung out at home. Didn't want to run around too much, as I have been waiting on the mechanic to tell me the CatBox is ready to go home. Still haven't seen the neighbor's Element, but my guess is that she's waiting on the insurance and not doing what I did and forcing the insurance to work faster than they want to work.

But I have a kitten on my lap, so it's ok. This too shall pass.


  1. So someone stole catalytic converters from multiple cars in the neighborhood? WTF? Reminds me of the Austin Powers line “Who throws a shoe!?! Honestly!” Seems someone must have been really desperate for drug money or something. That’s just weird. Glad you’re getting it worked out effectively, though.

    I too really need to get back to yoga and/or the treadmill. I’m woefully out of shape, and it’s certainly impacted my ability to cope with emotional and social difficulties. The irony of course being that those difficulties are what contributed to me stopping. I’ve got to get better at fighting through that.

    And yeah, at cuddles always help. After my near mental breakdown at a too-crowded convention thing this weekend, grabbing one of my cats and slinging him over my shoulder worked wonders for calming me the hell down.


    1. Yeah, that’s why I was laughing when the cop showed up. It was one of those points where the only real response is, “Seriously?!?” while laughing and shaking my head. After all the crap I’ve been going through in the last few months, this gets thrown on top of it?

      And I’m right there with you on the difficulties. I need to get back to the gym, but all this other stuff has pulled me away from everything. I’m playing catch up on my taxes now, because I’ve had so much other stuff that keeps coming at me. It makes me not want to write or socialize because it’s all negative and I just want to vent and scream. I’m trying to make the time for working out, even if it means getting to work at the gym earlier so I can do some pull-ups or something.


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