Almost missed it…

So the mundane, it hurts!!! At any rate, we finally have the dishwasher working. It only took 3 trips to Home Depot to get the right stuff. Now, there are so many pipes and tubes under it that it will never be able to fall down. And the funny part is that we got one of those super quiet ones, Pastry was worried that it wasn't working because he couldn't hear it. None of the water pipes was leaking when we turned the water on, but I guess we'll see if they're leaking when it's on. The positive, I can at least pop the base plate off to look. 😀

In other news, I'm still reeling from the loss of Lexus. Right now, Alpine is head-butting my arm to pet him, so it helps. Elan has taken up with sitting with me for my morning coffee. Pneus looks just like Lexus did, before she became the frumpy old woman, weighs as much too. She's bigger than Alpine is and I don't think she's done growing. Alpine has recovered from his reassignment surgery pretty well. His surgeon was quite happy, but we still haven't gotten the $70 worth of stones that were removed. The basic is that his bladder has always had issues, and he's pretty much had stones his whole life – they just never caught them until the last couple of years. The surgeon says his bladder is nothing but scar tissue (biopsy), but the phsyical palpations say otherwise. So he hasn't been fully emptying his bladder for quite some time. At any rate, he's back to normal and not peeing outside the box except when whatever cat that pees on my front door pees on my front door (so he's not allowed there).


  1. Congrats on the dishwasher. Definitely a nice time saver.

    And obviously my condolences on the animals. My own have only ever had relatively minor issues (apart from one expensive scare with the rabbit years ago), so I can only begin to imagine. I don’t look forward to the days when they get genuinely sick, and I know the rabbit is getting up there in age, but it mostly just makes me want to spend more time with them and try to appreciate them more while they’re with me. *hugs*


    1. Yes, and so far, no roaches. Might have to pull it out every 12 months and spray for the little bastards.

      Lexus was 18-19 years old, Alpine and Elan are both 14-15 years old. So they’re pretty close in age. Alpine’s issues have been going on for years and we just figured the symptoms were psychological and not physical. I spent as much time with Lexus as I could, because I knew it was coming, just didn’t expect it so suddenly.



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