I think I’m mad…

But I may be irritated or just plain pissed off. I'm still trying to decide. The one thing I have decided is that I'm tired of watching everyone else's passive aggressiveness. I'm getting better about scrolling through FB and just not responding, to the point where I may just not scroll at all and read through my forums. I'm normally cool with sitting around and watching people evolve and discover themselves and grow and tossing my $.02 in when needed or wanted. I'm also cool with people I toss that in tossing it into the road and never looking at it again. Unfortunately, I guess there's a lot of stagnant water sitting around because the definition of insanity is slowly becoming the definition of life – at least that's how it's looking from my end. It saddens me.

So I need to work on that – namely, not being depressed about it and being hopeful that one day, that brick wall will jump up and support a mirror to crash into. Yeah, we're all on a journey, and I get that some of us just want to cruise through with no pause for self-reflection. But I'm not a huge fan of lather, rinse, repeat. If you know what I mean…


  1. i guess it depends:

    1. are the people looking for advice? if not, it’s a waste of your 2cents and them tossing it is just a bi-product of not having been looking for it to start with.

    2. are they throwing it away, or are they holding on to it, to reflect at their pace? if they hold onto it, it isn’t a waste.

    3. will getting upset/angry/whathaveyou help you? if not, then you are wasting yourself on people who don’t deserve it.

    just my thoughts on the matter.


    1. 1. both.

      2. I tend to not focus on what’s being done with it, I prefer to let people determine whether or not it’s worth their time and effort. No attachment to it once it leaves.

      3. I think the irritating thing is determining whether or not the people deserve my time. It’s still a contemplation in process.



      1. #3 is the key….
        numbers 1 and 2…well, them looking/asking for advice and then what they do with it is all on them
        but #3…that’s the one for you.

        unfortunately (as we both know) people go from ‘worth it’ to ‘unworthy’ all the time…it’s a shame, but that is what we have to figure out: which side are they on?

        and if I happen to be one of those who seems to be falling into the ‘not taking advice’ category: I am sorry.


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