I’m part of the 1%, and hated for it…

I'll preface this because it's a political post. So feel free to skip if you're reading from LJ, or not click the LJ cut.

Anyway, I publicly admit that I voted for Johnson. I don't feel guilty about it at all, because I believe the Patriot Act should either expire or be rendered neutral, the ACA needs to be rendered neutral and replaced with better individual controls on the insurance industry, and we should ditch the ME and let them fight their own wars (but provide support, and only support for Israel – if it needs it). There are some other things in there that Johnson had on his platform that I liked, but I'm not going to list everything, just the high points. I could not, in any way, vote for Romney because he wasn't going to do anything that the media fantasized he'd do. He was going to gut the ACA, not get rid of it. He was going to increase use of drones on home soil, and couldn't decide whether the bailouts were good or bad.

I don't believe in voting against someone – remember Republicans? That's how we got Obama – lots of people voting against Bush v. 2.0.1. Didn't really work out for us. On top of that, the party….seriously, we really need to talk about that…."legitimate rape". Really? You guys should just not open your mouth on social issues, not to mention, Roe v. Wade, regardless the flaws in the ruling, is not going anywhere, so it's best to just drop it and focus on an important thing right now – THE ECONOMY. Yeah, your religious nutwing core might care about whether the word marriage is used to describe a non-religious union between 2 people (straight or gay), but the moderates that actually propel you to office don't. We also tend to not care or try to intervene between a Dr. and his/her patient in regards to medical decisions (prescription, medical procedures, etc).

Democrats….oh Democrats. Your guy. He may be a-ok with that whole "women's rights" thing, and he may give lip service to gay rights, but what about rights in general? He's the first guy to kill a US citizen without due process. He's initiated a home grown police force with drones to check out what's going on. He's infringing upon state sovereignty (just wait and see how he handles those recent Marijuana resolution approvals). And let's not forget Benghazi. Do you really think that was 100% on Clinton's shoulders? She's been handcuffed by him for years, particularly in the ME. He pretty much forced her to hand all that over to an asst SecState. Oh yeah, and a guy being held for a year in a California prison because he made a crappy, cheap youtube movie – again, without due process. Not on terrorism charges, but to appease a group that was created to deflect blame for Benghazi.

Yeah. And I'm the one people are pissed at? Because I didn't vote for Romney? Guess what, I didn't vote for McCain either. The year prior, I voted for Clark (hey look, he's a Democrat), ended up voting for Bush in the general – because he was focusing his campaign on something tangible. Was the first time I actually voted Republican, you guys have managed to have candidates I strongly support, but you always throw it away for some lame ass candidate because he "supposedly" can win. Well, Romney lost to McCain the last go round. Who then lost to Obama. And you thought Romney was going to be able to beat Obama? Especially after that display at the convention that told all us moderates to get off the playground because your "big" tent is really a half size. And for some reason, we're expected to fall in line and vote for you?? I'm glad you lost by the margin you did, and I'm really glad it was as close as it was. The Dems can delude themselves into thinking this was a landslide all they want, but 3%. That was the margin. Not 10%+, not even 4%+, a whopping 3%. That is in no way an approval of what you guys want to do with this country. It's called winning by your teeth, and eventually, your jaw will either lock and rip your teeth out, or you'll have to let go. So good luck with that.


  1. TL;DR. But no one can blame you for Romney losing unless you lived in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, or some other swing state. Romney got every last elector in this state. It would be nice if Johnson had hit his 5% threshold for public funding, as ironic as Libertarians wanting public funding is.

    Libertarians will never get anywhere when they alienate the anti-abortion crowd, and vice versa. Why do you think Ron Paul didn’t endorse Johnson?

    Whatever. Four More Years, yeeha.


    1. I have no idea why Ron Paul didn’t endorse Johnson, outside of the fact that he describes himself as Republican and will probably, therefore, only endorse Republicans. I think it says a lot that he never endorsed Romney, either.

      The problem with the anti-abortion crowd, is that they seem to want the gov’t out of everything except the bedrooms and the Dr’s office. Those with a religious bent want to put religious dogma into medicine by telling a woman that a medical decision that should be between her, her Dr, and any family member or friend she wishes to include, now includes both the Church (take your pick on which outspoken anti-choice one you want) and the gov’t.

      I’m glad the election was as close as it was. Unfortunately, the more liberal of the Dems seem to think it was a landslide and the Reps are licking their wounds and claiming it’s because they’re not “conservative enough”, including in the religious sense.


      1. The problem with the anti-abortion crowd, is that

        Yes, yes, yes, we’re all quite familiar with the arguments for and against legal abortion. You are simultaneously missing my point and illustrating it. Enjoy your tax hike.


      2. Maybe you didn’t illustrate your point clearly.

        As for the tax hike, doubtful it will hit me. I didn’t make enough last year to pay taxes. This year, I’ll be lucky if I break even. So all I’ll have to worry about are sales taxes.


  2. there is a disconnect between the people that think they have to earn their own living, and the rest that believe we owe them a comfortable living…
    everything I have, I’ve earned… I think that should tell you all you need to know about which side of the argument I stand on.


    1. I know. 🙂 And I agree. The other problem, is we have marketing that says a comfortable life is a flat screen in every room, and iPad on every coffee table and a swank car to decorate our driveway – which is what some people think is owed to them. Nevermind the idea that we owe it to ourself to provide those things, if we can, and if we can’t to find a means to be comfortable with what we have and need, not what we want and think we need.


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