Had my second biopsy on Thursday. Nothing that could be seen, but given that 4 of my last 5 tests came back positive means I have one hell of an infection that just doesn't want to go away – which usually means it's a strain that can develop into cancer. But, since the Doc couldn't really see any cell changes, she's telling me to not freak out. Which, I'm not, just a bit annoyed that I had to have pieces taken out of me in sensitive locals. Also got the full low down on incubation rates and whatnot, so WTF knows.

Politics…at this point, I'm laughing at all the "You must vote for _________" folks, because they're just playing into the hands of the parties. I mean, seriously, if their candidate gets your panties wet, and you agree with their stance on things, vote for them. But if you don't, and you're doing it because you're voting against the other guy, suck it. You're an idiot. If you don't agree with any of them, write in "none of the above". It's just overly ridiculous that we allow these people to continue to give us the same shit candidates, because we'll always vote for "one of them" or "the lesser of two evils". If it's the latter, guess what? It's still evil. We talk about making a change, making our country better, or doing something about the problems. And all we do is follow the sign that the sheep herders put up to direct us where to go. We deserve to live in a failing country for that, we really do. We allowed ourselves to be led here, and we did nothing to change direction, and we're about to do nothing again. Because too many people want to follow the herd, or at least one of them. They're not willing to actually make their voice heard by saying something. Put more emphasis on who is going to be in Congress, put people in there who are actually willing to work and do something for this country. The only thing the Pres is there for, is to make us look like morons on the international stage, and sign bills. It's Congress that has to get things done. And so far, they've done nothing, and what they have done is worthless shit in comparison to what needs to be done. We're going on our second year of no budget, but they've managed to pass a massive tax bill that won't make a lick of difference in the cost of health care. They act like they can walk down the street and create jobs, when the job creation is actually within the spending capabilities of the working man creating a demand for a supply of goods and services. They display their ignorance of women's reproductive systems and violent crime, and bitch and moan about the abortion rate of this country….seriously? Those are the important things of what needs to be done in this country?

And it's all because we don't want to hear solutions, we want sound bites, we want feel good policies that strike our personal fancies. We don't want politicians that actually work for us, we want to work for them, and do what they tell us to do. And we deserve this. It's all about the "you", namely what "I" think "you" should be doing. The basic function of the federal gov't was to protect borders and facilitate cooperation and commerce between states. Mediate problems between states. Not tell me what I can and cannot buy, or what I can or cannot do for myself. It was the States and the Cities that put limits on me, in regards to whether it would negatively impact someone else. WTF would anyone vote for someone who is going to continue to push the fed gov't further into their lives? And that is what astounds me about this election. We have the real chance to send a real message that will be heard loud and clear. But so many just want to put their heads in the sand and pull the lever for that person who isn't the other candidate.

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