My plan is to fill out the travel journal with the recent trip to France. It was wonderful and yes, there were political questions involved and a slight butting of heads between French and American culture at one point….while drunk (not me). Mont St. Michel is just as beautiful as the pictures, the drive is even better, as is the drive from Paris to Tours. I got to see the Eiffel Tower, from several kilometers away, it was still beautiful. I didn’t want to come home, Pastry’s family rocks so do his friends. Much kudos to them indulging my limited French and speaking their limited English. His sister and I had fun with the fact that they have the same English program that we have for foreign languages, complete with songs and conversation dialogs. Crepes rock my socks, especially with caramel sauce. Toast’s mom makes awesome dinner, and his dad’s English is coming along – if only my French was as good. But by the time I flew home, I was able to watch Wolverine in French, and actually understand half of what was said without doing the in-head translation (gotta stop that). I still find the windmill farms to be one of the most beautiful man-made creations, wish I had one closer to me. I could spend hours watching them.

The business is coming along. My PR person has given me more homework, forwarded it all to my assistant, so we can sit down and have a reason to go out to eat. We’re getting down to crunch time to go-live on everything. But I have a timeline now.

Jiu jitsu training has come to stand-still. Goal is to get back into the gym on Monday. I’m getting lazy and fat, but work has been conflicting with everything. Hope to get back on a real schedule by November/December.

I also hope to crack the shell of what’s in my head, again. I’m tired of the “here’s what I’m doing” posts, and I’m sure other folks are too. But I had felt the need to not step on any toes by keeping my headspace separate in this last year. With all that out of the way, I think I can start opening up again, soon. There’s been a lot going on, that I’ve wanted to share, but have felt the need to keep it locked away.

That’s all for now. 🙂

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