Apparently, Facebook is verboten at CDG airport. If not, I’m not being told why I can’t access it. Grrrrrrrr.

That said, trip was awesome, made new friends and I look forward to visiting Julien’s parents again – preferably with a better grasp of French, as my French is better than their English (which is not saying much). Blog will be up at some point, since I was able to keep up with it daily. Right now I just need to finish up yesterday and start/finish today (not like there’s much to update there). Although, I’d like to point out that the concept of security at Hartsfield Airport, is non-existent and I’m hoping that everyone who travels through there truly grasps the fact that it is a joke. Every time I leave the country, something on the way back gets caught – this time, it was my toothpaste, I was 1oz over for a single tube (which isn’t true, but they go by the volume of the container, not the volume actually available). It wasn’t even caught on the way here, and I separated it out.

And FYI, no, I’m not blaming this on the current administration, as nothing has been changed as far as airport enforcement goes, this blame lies solidly on the staff of TSA and their inability to do their jobs – or take the job seriously, as the case may be. YMMV

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