I’d love to comment on the recent rumour and public confession in the media and the various opinions being thrown around. But I honestly can’t articulate them enough.

That said, people are confusing me. They espouse certain ideas, and when someone who doesn’t espouse said idea runs into the problem said idea is set to diffuse, they seem to have a 3rd grade mentality and turn into the person who usually takes the low road. This goes for both sides, and why I’m not particularly attached to either side.


    1. A bit of that. The whole “Trig isn’t hers, oh wait, he has to be…” and while I know they’re trying to snag the religious conservative vote, I think snagging her was for the politically conservative vote. But hearing everyone whine about the whole “family values” thing, which got dumped in the toilet, where it should be, is utterly annoying.

      The Rep party is turning another page, and I think they’re moving away from the party of Gingrich and those hypocrites. I’m not so sure about the Dem party, least Edwards no longer has to worry about he really needs to prove the paternity of his mistress’ child. πŸ˜‰

      If this keeps up, I’ll be right back where I was 2 weeks ago. Shaking my head and laughing at how ridiculously pathetic this is getting.


      1. Yeah I hate to say it but I wasn’t surprised, Dems like to pretend they don’t stoop to that level they accuse republicans of. The reality is neither side can ever keep their nose out of the mud.


      2. Yeah, and to think that both candidates, this time around, were doing pretty good at not falling completely into the center of the pit. Just kinda dipping their toes in it. So much for keeping it political.


  1. one personal note:

    As said before – you and I do not see eye to eye on politics much, if ever, but that really does not mar my respect for your fully developed contemplations and replies. I hope the reciprocal is also true. πŸ™‚

    As for Palin and the Babies? I have my thoughts. Won’t reveal em in public unless asked.


    1. Well, Trig is obviously Sarah’s son. No way around that one. So there’s not much to say about the kids. It’s just a sad commentary on our society that instead of sympathy, those who espouse the opposite ideals have to lampoon her family, without clear knowledge and concrete proof.


      1. i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        Granting that people are actually telling the truth, yes. I could see that. πŸ˜‰ Although a lot of people will often fudge at least by one month, especially if she is going to be in the spot light from her mothers VP running status (though granted, this would have meant she got pregnant pretty much back to back).

        Assuming dates are right on target, it also depends on what the infants birth date is. 4 months is not always 4 months.. as every month is not always 4 weeks long. Some months are shorter or longer, if that makes sense.

        I am not arguing for it, mind you. I am just sayin’. πŸ˜‰
        It would be highly unlikely.


      2. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        Even if they’re off by a month, that’s cutting it a little close on conception. Not to mention, as I’ve said elsewhere, if they were determined to actually prove the child is her daughter’s, they can file a FIA request. I tried to find pictures of Palin during the pregnancy, but all of them that are full shots have her covered up in baggy sport coats and scarves. I just think they’re barking up a tree that isn’t that tall. πŸ˜‰


      3. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        It’s cutting it close. True. Unless her daughter isn’t actually pregnant this time around.
        Dun Dah DUN!

        After 4 children, I do have a hard time believing that someone would not know she was seven months pregnant. Normally with subsequent pregnancies, you show a lot quicker because the muscles are already stretched out. The face changes also a bit, which none of her photos look like at all. As well, if you look at pictures of her post partum, it doesnt wash.

        Now personally? It could be. Could be her daughters maybe, or maybe its her husbands love child. Maybe inspite of all this, it is her baby.

        I just find it really funny that her stance is absence only education, and her daughter is supposedly knocked up. How’d that work out for ya?!


      4. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        One of the links I found on her, though, is for a group that does espouse the use of birth control. My thoughts, are that she’s for a specific type of sex ed in schools, leaving the decision for safer sex practices to be taught at home, based on what the ideals of the family are. Which, I can’t exactly disagree with, unless the science and health classes are failing to cover std/is and how they’re contracted.


      5. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        In which case, you can clearly say she failed as a parent. Whether the girl carries the growth full term is another matter, and already kinda late in the process to make rational choices.


      6. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        Ben, the only way you can FAIL as a parent, is if you don’t parent. Sheesh, shut up about it already. Is it a necessary requirement that you have to beat a dead horse till you’re right about it being dead?

        I don’t think she failed, she’ helping her daughter out. That’s not failing by any stretch of the imagination.

        Rational choices? They don’t believe in abortion, so what other “rational choice” are you going to suggest to them?


      7. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        Well she might have failed on her teaching of birthcontrol (or not, accidents happen, and the kid might just have ignored all of it). But since she is helping out afterwards apparently, she only failed on the first link of the chain, and is doing things right with the rest of it anyway. (Or so it seems).


      8. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        And Ben, I’d like to bring your attention back to that little note I wrote last year, for the people in my life. As you’re currently teetering over the edge with me, I’d like to give you two triads, that you should really think long and hard over:

        Three things needful for one who has done wrong-
        To acknowledge their wrong
        To seek to be upright
        To make restitution

        And the one I based that list upon:

        Three types of people to do without-
        They who do no benefit to any
        They who bring no joy to any
        They who keep not peace with any


      9. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        Thats the thing.. if parents don’t teach them, because they believe in abstinence only education, then someone should be able to at school with giving the facts. Cold. Hard. Facts.

        I don’t think playing with ones health should be left to the baises of the parents religion.

        I still think its funny. ;D


      10. Re: i no likely the way this sounds, so I am editing!

        Right there with you, on both counts. My only hope for the abstinence only conservatives and the “i can’t teach my kid about sex” liberals, is that their daughters are talking to their doctors.


  2. i think we should leave babies out of the political process.

    of more significance was an item i heard on the diane rehm show this AM. it seems that there is undefined but well documented evidence that palin may either a) support alaskan secession b) be a member of a group espousing same c) all of the above, or d) none, she just supports a more independent alaska. this was a result of an address she gave to a secessionist group.


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