I’s a happy freak.

So, long story short, my friend is the promotor for ProgPower Scandinavia. I talked him into moving the fest up a week, so that it falls between his b-day and mine this year. Well, there are several bands I WANT to see, since I work ProgPower USA and rarely get to see any of the bands (and that will decrease even more with this year’s line-up/schedule).

At any rate, so far, he has two of my favourite bands on the line-up. Raintime, whose set I missed completely this year. And Wuthering Heights, whose set I also missed the year they played.

I LOVE CLAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bouncebouncebouncebounce*

And just in the event no one can figure it out, yes, I will be there. For those that might be interested:
progpower scandinavia

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