Haditha Incident

Charges dropped against 2 Marines in Haditha incident

‘Bout time CNN posted more information about this issue. And I’m happy to see that things are going forward with the conclusions that need to be voiced. It’s quite sad that groups will latch on to something, just to latch on, I really wish they’d notice the patterns and come to more rational conclusions than leaping to something that is sketchy at best. While I admit that it’s possible these groups came to the right conclusion, the least they could have done was come up with evidence that would seal it up, instead of evidence that resembles a game of pick-up sticks, than anything else. Otherwise, they should have presented the possibility and left it to those in the position of weighing the evidence and making the judgements. I’m sure some of them will be screaming somewhere, about the injustice. Of course, I doubt any of them will comment on the injustice of “freedom fighters” making sure innocent civilians are targeted. Sad situation, all around.

So, the Iraqi election the other day is supposedly a farce. Well, let’s face it, had Saddam stayed around, they wouldn’t have had them – as his idea of an election is everyone has to vote for him, as he’s the only candidate and there isn’t a line for a write-in. Yeah, things ain’t grand over there, but a good number of the people that lived there pretty much told the insurgents to fuck-off. How’d they do this? Well, they voted, and they voted in larger numbers than we’d ever get over here, despite being told that assisting the US in instituting a democratic republic would result in death. They went to the polls anyway. I’m proud of those people, and they should be proud of themselves. They know, that getting on their feet is the way to assist us in leaving their country. They’re starting to see that giving in to the insurgents would not benefit them at all, in fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if us leaving would result in larger civilian casualties from the insurgents going after those who want to continue the path that they are now on, towards a democratic republic. With that said, some blogs for you all, please check through their links as well (these will open in new windows)

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