Day: September 13, 2013

Dear Ladies…

And I use the term "Ladies" loosely. We need to have a chat about a subject that made a lot of news last year. It involved alcohol, sex, and consent – not necessarily in that order, though. We had a lot of blog "letters to my son", letters to the editor, cheers and thanks to the hacker group Anonymous for bringing this to our attention. And that's all fine and dandy, but we forgot one thing. That door swings both ways, and it swings in a manner that I am totally uncomfortable with and definitely disgusted over, having witnessed this more and more in the last few years – including someone almost falling into traffic because someone had to have that kiss. So, I guess we're finally equal.

Pardon my bluntness, but is it really that important to fill that hole between your legs, that you are going to pursue a piss-drunk passed out guy? Yes, alcohol can be a great helper for the socially inept or the liquid courage for those who place that much weight on a yes or no answer. But it can also turn you into something we all despise and loathe – THAT woman. You know, the one who always manages to target the guy who is the most inebriated, or manages to assist in said inebriation? Plying the sweet words to coax him back to wherever. Yeah. High-five yourself, because no one else will.

A couple of things there…if he's not into you sober, or even mostly sober, you probably shouldn't take him back to your room. If he gets piss drunk, he probably wouldn't be able to function, much less be able to tell you how much he wants your sexy ass. And there's a really good chance he won't remember jack shit in the morning.

So to you "ladies", I ask you to consider a few things…if you were in the position of the guy, is that what you would want? To wake up in a room that you don't recognize, next to someone, not remembering how you got there or what happened? If the answer to that is no, then keep your legs crossed or pursue someone who is either more sober, or more into you (both would be optimal, even for one-nighters). If your answer is yes, then please, go rot in the same hell we wish for those kids, and those guys that we all like to cheer when they get arrested and sentenced. We didn't get to this point to be hypocrites. If we're supposedly the better sex, then it's time we act like it.

PS – to the friends that see this happening, please, twat block. There's a good chance you'll have a man thanking you in the morning when he finds out what happened.