Day: October 14, 2012

Experiment in caffeine-free is over…

So, just under a year ago, I gave up caffeine. It was all for the sake of yoga and my adrenal glands (with my GI as a side effect), because they needed a break and I was abusing my body in a nasty way. Gotta love addictions. Unfortunately, over the last year, my ability to stay awake and be in any way useful for a full day dropped significantly. My natural sleep time went from 8 hours to 10 hours, woke up tired and groggy and never at a decent hour. It flat out sucked. No amount of orange essence, lemon water, or anything else worked. So…..back to one cup of coffee in the morning. Started that about the middle of this week, and while I'm not back down to 8 hours of sleep, I am more useful during the day and not nodding off at 2pm.

So far, the GI hasn't started revolting any more than with regular food, I'm hoping the vitamins and the cleaner diet will help keep it that way. Next up, getting to the gym more regularly.