Day: February 13, 2009

Since I didn’t want to block up a friend’s journal with this, particularly since I don’t like the band…

POS issued an embargo against the US, several years ago, because they didn’t like what the Bush admin put into place, in regards to Customs procedures. That protest grew into the writing of the song America (which, I’ll have more respect for them if they have the balls to play it in this country).

Now, I respect their right to free speech, and to criticize our government and what it does. I also respect their embargo – and kinda wish they’d maintained it, having suffered through a set of theirs (damned Danish cold weather and lack of alcohol). But the fact remains, they will still have to endure the customs procedures that started their whole hatred, regardless the change in political leadership and, IMO defeats the purpose of their original embargo leaving them to the level of hypocrites.

I wonder if I’d get into trouble for refusing to drive them, should I work a festival with them in the line-up? *fingers crossed I still have a minion if that ever happens*