I am revising this idea a little bit.  Instead of taking real-life women (which I would rather do, in order to prove the existence of such an ideal), I’ll use Hollywood/Literary characters.  So, guys, I’d like some feedback (women, you can respond as well).  Which strong, warrior-type female characters of the screen are you attracted to and why (and no, “Mila Jovovich is hot” does not count).  I want personality and physical aspects that attract you to them as an individual.  Please keep in mind, this is not in the context of a one-night-stand, or really anything sexual.  What attracts you to them, mentally? 

*comments are screened unless you request otherwise.

One comment

  1. first, milla jovavich’s characters have little depth so she doesn’t even get to play.

    she does have a nice naval though..

    Sharon Agathon(BSG) a hard core soldier, willing to give up everything for the ones she loves. Willful, who knows her own mind.

    Starbuck (BSG) hard core, doesn’t take any shit from anyone but not so boneheaded she doesn’t question herself. loyal to herself first, a little nuts, and artistic with heavily mystic overtones.

    any of the women in “the descent” with the exception of “juno” and the shorthaired english chick.

    there will be more, better


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