Fight stuff

Ok, so here’s where I am with the training. Due to the knee, my training is a bit nipped. So, my trainer has been focusing on movement in the leg, core work and arms. To help the relevance, every other day we take my Gi and use that for the hand holds, instead of a bar or a grip strap. On Monday, we did squats, with my bad knee offset in two different positions. Then, we moved to the inverted leg press, with no weight. I have to say, that it sucked to not have weight on it (considering I can easily press 300lbs), but we were working knee joint stability. For arms, we did preacher curls with 20lb dumbbells and butterflies for each delt with 8lbs. Core training has consisted one-armed fly pulls, starting from a squat, imitating the motion used to start a lawnmower, with 85lbs. On Wednesday, he had me on the fly set-up, only with the arms lowered all the way and in, Gi wrapped around the grip straps, working mid and upper traps. Pulling to the chest and keeping the elbows out (most of the time we keep elbows in, for elbow rehab and muscle re-education to keep my elbows tucked). To keep the core workout, we did these on a balance ball. To further the core work, and assist in knee rehab, we had the same set-up, only the goal was more like a judo gi throw. Object, to jump 180deg. and pull the weight over my shoulder. It was a great exercise (my hamstrings and obliques feel awesome right now), only too much torsion on my knee.

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