So, I guess it might be useful for me to post things from time to time, eh?

Anyway, sinus’ are finally caving in and clearing, which is nice. Goal is to be back in the gym on Monday, so I can get some decent training started, before getting my ass handed to me by vikings. Work is starting to even out, but as always, that is to be covered by a lock and key here. I’m starting to move into a happier place, emotionally. The only thing I need to work on now, is getting the damned knots in my shoulders and jaw to disappear. One of my clients asked me if I was going to get worked on, while in Denmark, and the idea has not escaped my brain. I’m really tempted to find a spa and see about spending my birthday there, or at least one day there. As for other body parts, my second knuckle on my ring and middle fingers are still frozen. I’ve been forcing it a good bit, but still not where they need to be. The positive, is that I can twist them side-to-side without issues.

The weather is cooling off, which means biking will be a lot easier. And with the schedule screw-ups at my secondary contract, that will put me in an even better position to ride over there. I haven’t decided if this is going to be a positive or not, but it seems my work week is going to be split up, with days off being Sunday and Thursday. This is a huge maybe, as I’m supposed to have dibs on Thursdays, with Mondays being roughly every other week (but only working 2-3 hours max). I don’t mind it, as I love the office, love the clients and I get paid really well.

Anyway, that is all for now.

PS- I followed the herd, I now have a facebook. *hangs head*


    1. I’m kinda liking it so far, especially as a lot of my Danish and Finnish friends have profiles.

      BTW, if you ever get a chance to skim through A Supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again by David Foster Wallace, I read the chapter titled E Unibus Pluram and could do nothing but think of you. There’s a sub-chapter in there on breaking free that you might find appreciation for.


    1. Sweet! I should have some time Thursday night (I don’t think I’m working….yet….knock on wood). Would come out Monday, but more than likely I’ll be in Villa Rica getting my ass kicked.


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